How I help

Tracking & Analytics

Data lies at the core of performance marketing. That is why it is crucial to make sure you collect and process your data the right way. I help make sure none of your data goes to waste by setting up and managing a proper Analytics and Tracking set-up.

Media Buying

I have over 9 years experience buying media from a wide range of paid media channels. Please see some of these channels below.


Using client KPIs as a guideline, I help conceptualize and implement the right digital marketing strategy tailored to your specific goals.


Using my experience with creative asset performance across digital marketing channels and campaigns, I advise and conceptualize campaign creatives (banners, videos & landing pages) for optimal media spend performance.


Due to the increase of fraud in the digital marketing landscape it has become important to keep an eye on advertising Fraud. I help analyze traffic for fraud and suggest effective solutions.

Facebook & Instagram Ads
Google Ads

The Process

With so many digital marketing channels, tools and frameworks it is easy to get lost in the planning phase of a project or get stuck working on an avalanche of random tasks. That is why I work with a proven process framework existing of 5 stages, ensuring a clean and clear path forward.

As they say in the English military – Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

How I work


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About me

Bertram Blomberg

I am a passionate digital performance & growth marketing professional. The past 9 years I have spent working in digital marketing, 6 of those running DiMe Solutions, a self-funded digital marketing performance agency.

Started in 2013, DiMe Solutions focused mainly on mobile performance advertising, running app install and mobile sign-up campaigns. We managed six figure monthly media budgets, and worked with over 100 paid traffic sources. in 2019 I re-organized DiMe Solutions and now work as an independent performance marketing consultant.

I enjoy helping businesses tackle ambitious digital marketing campaigns by applying a combination of creativity and analytics.